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looking back through my, part 1

As the administrator of announced the retirement of the instance, I decided to back up all my activity and take a look back at what I posted there over the last five years. Using this script by Blackle Mori, I was able to view every single toot I made in that backup in a web browser in a nice timeline.

This will not list every single toot, but will describe the basic feelings and ideas I had at the time and quote some of them.

august 2017

The first post in the backup is dated August 5th, 2017. I decided to start the account on a light note, with a photo of a date/time entry screen of the Sega Dreamcast. It is no secret that the Dreamcast is mt favorite video game console. When I was gifted it as a 7 year birthday present in 2000, it was the first gaming device I had that wasn’t outdated at the time. Before that, I had a “Subor” famiclone with a keyboard.

If I remember correctly, the first game I got for the Dreamcast was “Rayman 2: The Great Escape”. It was (and IMO still is) a pretty decent platformer. One thing that surprised me a lot at the time is that on the Dreamcast, it was almost guaranteed that every game would be translated into Russian. Of course, these translations were all pirated hacks, often of pretty questionable quality, but the idea that games would be available in languages other than English or Japanese felt pretty groundbreaking to me, as before that I only saw a handful of translated games.

But enough with backstory. I continued posting with screen photos of the game “Border Down” and a port of “Out Run” from “Yu Suzuki Game Works: Volume 1”.

As I started this account in part as a way to explore gender, I made a bunch of posts about gender. I didn’t know what I wanted to look like (girl? nonbinary? agender? genderfluid? heck, I still don’t know sometimes), so these posts were often kinda rambly.

I quickly discovered interesting people, such as Cryoclaire (now at, an artist of the “Drugs & Wires” webcomic, and also met a bunch of “Twitter refugees”: some left, while others are on the fediverse to this day.

I thought the default color scheme was too dark, so I made a user style that gave the website a dark cyan-and-purple palette instead. A post mentioning it was even boosted by Eugen Rochko, Mastodon’s creator.

A Splatoon 2 post with a gray version of the trans flag, color codes
indicating the colors and text "shout-out to all the trans & NB

At the time, “Splatoon 2” was also very popular, and I was making some arts in and about it.

A Splatoon 2 post with a pixel-art image of a squid girl, hand-drawn text
saying "Wow, that is a lot of LGBT support! ^_^", smaller text saying "also,
being who you are and trying to spread positivity IS NOT politics!" and even
smaller text saying "either way, i'm off to do ranked battles.

Other posts consisted of politics takes (some of which I still hold, some I don’t), gameing posts about “Cities: Skylines” and “Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap” (the 2017 remake) and “Blaster Master Zero”.


aesthetic i would like to see brought back: old 1980s/1990s dos utilities.

a photo of a screen showing some disc analysis utility running on DOS, with
lots of text and gfx on a blue background

a screenshot of a different part of the same utility, with a block display
of the disc

a screenshot of a pseudo-windows layout from the DOS version of Norton


tired: gender binary

wired: gender complex IEEE 754 floating point (including all the nan values)

i guess the south does have some redeeming features. for how stereotypically backwards they are portrayed, words like “fellow”, “folks” and “y'all” sound like incredibly good gender-neutral terms.


made a 32x32 avatar based on that little pic i put in that squiidverse posts a while ago. had to make it green, because my preferred palette doesn’t have any sort of good purple.

a pixel art image of a squid girl from splatoon with green

upd: i just realized that, because the character in the game i used as a reference was wearing headphones, i completely forgot about the ears. as a result, here’s a new version.

a version of the same image, but fixed so the squid girl has visible ears

september 2017

I always had some fascination with retro technology and the overall idea of getting more done with less. An interesting feature I thought computers like the Commodore 64 had were the “expansion port” and the “user port” that could be used to connect all different kinds of devices to the machine, and then control them entirely in software – sometimes even in BASIC.


speaking of, while i was born too late to actually use 8-bit home computers, i seem to really like the kind of setup the commodore 64 had. a simple and well-documented cpu architecture, no permanent storage, the ability to connect custom stuff and interact with it (as seen here and here thanks to memory-mapped access…


so apparently these are the influences for the visual and audio style of the “outrun” arcade game. and yeah, the music in that linked video does sound very similar. ^_^

well, seems like once again there’s a bunch of anti-lgbt posts on the squiidverse… let’s fix that! #Splatoon2 #NintendoSwitch

an image of a pixel-art squid girl winking and saying "to all the squids: BE
YOURSELF, HAVE FUN" (and in smaller text) "and ink your spawn!". the letter
"q" in "squids" is modified to have the arrow and the + shape of the
transgender symbol.

About that time I have discovered Alex Zandra Van Chestein’s trans-affirming books and specifically “I Asked For Squid Maids But I Didn’t Know I’d Become One!” (aka “Squid Maids”). I thought it was very cute and touching.


inspired by the win95-like theme on, here’s a bunch of masto/ icons made in windows 95’s style.

a set of icons for mastodon drawn in the style of windows
95 (consider these public domain.)


exclusive: a lost version of ’s “seesaw” anti-marriage-equality poster.

a modified poster of an anti-marriage-equality foundation. it consists of
four images using primitive images of seesaws and man/woman signs. on the first image, a man is standing on a seesaw which is unbalanced in his favor. on the second image, a man and a woman are standing on opposite sides, with the seesaw unbalanced in the woman's favor. in the third image, two men are standing on a balanced seesaw. in the fourth image, a man and a fallen-over woman are standing on a balanced seesaw. text below: "Marriage reflects the equality of the sexes" and a logo saying "Real Equality for a deeper union".


switch + carrying case + #splatoon2’s rhythm game / music player thingy = awesome.

photo of a splatoon 2-styled carrying case for the nintendo switch, with the
zipper being almost completely shut with the exception of a small gap, through
which a headphone jack is connected.


(the next euro splatfest is about whether toilet paper should hang in front or behind the roll)

why, why, why? splatfests are supposed to be about inventing fun, yet useless rivalries – and this is a very serious and divisive topic!

that’s like holding a splatfest over vim vs emacs! or tea vs coffee! or pineapple on… oh wait, you already did that one, didn’t ya?!!!!

these two aren’t the only ways to place t.p., you know… #Splatoon2 #NintendoSwitch

an image of a toilet paper roll on its side with hand-drawn text: "What
about Team Side Roll?"

i don’t know what is happening to me… i am doing stuff that i would have never thought about several months ago.

i became more interested in learning new stuff. my video game preferences have slightly changed. i am expressing feelings that i wouldn’t have imagined i would ever feel.

it’s like my entire character is changing before my eyes, yet pretty much all i did so far is create a bunch of social media accounts with a different avatar.

…and you know what? i kinda like it! ^_^