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looking back through my, part 2

october 2017


A Splatoon 2 post saying "Aww, the American splatfest is so much cooler...

november 2017


apparently, the developers of arduboy have their own officially licensed device running a version of tetris, and that’s nice, but, sadly, it seems to look terrible.

here’s what i was able to come up with in an image editor. i wonder if i’ll be able to make an actual game that looks like this when i get the arduboy itself.

a screenshot of a standard falling blocks game, designed for a 128x64
monochrome device.

a screenshot of a 2-player mode of a standard falling-blocks game for a 128x64
monochrome device.


finally got the #arduboy. it’s so cute! and it perfectly fits in my wallet. ^o^

photo of the arduboy running the game

december 2017


my top three enemies: 1. geography 2. timezones 3. currency exchange rates

…huh, now that i think about it, all three are kinda caused by the same thing.


a 1990s/early 2000s 88x31 16-color banner, saying "best viewed in firefox", but using (downgraded versions of) the modern firefox logo and typography.


reminder: this is the best 8-bit video game ending ever. #gameing

(this link is unabailable, but a similar video is here: