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rnd's website | is being retired

So today I found out that the Mastodon instance is being retired (IPFS). Its administrator, chr, feels like they are unable to run it more, and the task of moderating it has become more and more difficult over time.

And while I have had my frustrations with the instance occasionally (like the fact that the version of Mastodon installed on it often lagged behind the latest release available), I remember it as a cute and cool place where I met a lot of awesome people and which changed me quite a bit.

One of the first things I did back when I started using the instance was make a userstyle that colored the website in brighter cyan and pink colors that, as i thought, were more in line with cybre’s style while not being too dark to be hard to see.

Right now, I’m looking for a new Mastodon instance to switch to.

The earliest available Wayback Machine archive of my profile page, featuring my original bio and made one or two months after I signed up