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my position on cryptocurrencies

TL;DR version

Full disclosure: I have friends who use cryptocurrencies and NFTs, and for whom the latter actually helped them get out of a tough financial situation. They also strongly oppose proof-of-work mining as a climate-wrecking resource-waste it is.

I dislike a lot of them (especially the ones that use proof-of-work), but tolerate their existence for political reasons.

the negatives

A lot of people are probably already familiar with both the most common arguments against Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. I happen to agree with a lot of these:

the one positive

I absolutely despise the fact that the one remotely-safe way to safely support the opposition in Russia seems to be to use an otherwise-awful network that’s also used to facilitate illegal trade. Even then, the Russian government seems intent on banning cryptocurrencies as well. I wish we lived in a more perfect world where it were possible for people to safely support the remains of our civil society in a way that doesn’t involve money. I hope someday that will be the case. I also hope that someday, we will have a societies where the average worker doesn’t need to work a full-time job in order to support themselves, and where people are free to spend more of their time on their passions or the communities they care about.