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this website is self-hosted now!

So, yes, the website which previously was at has now moved to a self-hosted Linode running nginx and a custom domain at

The old website is not going to be deleted. Link rot is a serious issue that makes finding information on the internet a lot harder over time.

In addition, I have created an archive copy of the pre-move version of the website, available for everyone to download. (It contains some extra files that aren’t added to the website’s source tree for copyright purposes.)

The old website will probably not be updated any more, but this one definitely will.

I decided to move the website for several reasons.

First of all, I already have a VPS I’m barely using, so it wouldn’t cost me extra to use it for my website as well.

Secondly, neocities, while it is a very good platform, is a bit restrictive. It always forces HTTPS upon clients, which, while a good security move, means that older web browsers are unable to use the website. On a self-hosted server, I can pick the security settings the way I want, and I have set them up to use HSTS (web browsers which have visited the HTTPS version of the website before will force it, while unsecured HTTP can still be used by older browsers). Thanks to this, now a “Dreamcast version” of the website exists at – with a design restricted to what is supported by DreamPassport and PlanetWeb browsers.

And third, with self-hosting, I actually have more control over the data I store on the website, and can test different ideas and server-side scripts in the future.