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Hello and welcome!

This is yet another of those "under construction" messages you'd see on pre-Web 2.0 websites.

Welcome to my little website! I'm running it mostly as an experiment in static website generation, but also to host some content that others might find interesting.

  • about me

    basic info about who I am and what I do.

  • blog thingy

    typically where I put my random thoughts or information that I'd like to remember.

  • text pages

    so far only a test, but I made this as an experiment in imitating FAQ-like text pages.

  • rnd's games

    games that I have made. So far there's only one, and it's a port of the card game "Donsol".

  • rnd's software

    assorted open-source tools I wrote over the years.

  • pixel art

    assorted pixel arts that I made.

  • pixel art fonts

    and different bitmap fonts that could work well in games.

  • DOOM

    my page about the classic 1993/1994 first-person shooter.

  • riichi mahjong

    a japanese board game I occasionally like to play

  • the fediverse NEW

    an introduction to the decentralized community of social media services in general and Mastodon in particular

  • cool websites

    a sheet of 88x31 banners (some drawn by me) for websites that I think are cool!

  • random links

    a more organized list of links to pages that I found interesting or want to remember.


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