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name: /dev/urandom (or dev for short, sometimes rnd, jan Lentan in toki pona)

date of birth: june 1993

job: programmer

tech: i'm mostly a computing and retro software/gaming dork. i am kind of a linux/open-source fan, although i try not to be a jerk about it as some do. i occasionally code something in C or C++ in my personal time.

politics: i'm somewhere in the middle between progressive liberalism, social democracy and libertarian socialism. i try to appreciate different people's approaches to improving their societies, even if i disagree about the details. having said that, i do not have any love for fascists, reactionaries, social conservatives or bigots of any kind, as well as any viewpoint that values ideology over actually solving problems.

religion: i am an agnostic/atheist, but i try to respect other people's religious or spiritual beliefs (as long as these beliefs don't infringe on other people's freedoms or aren't enforced on others politically or socially).

favorite movies: typically old comedies and silly action movies of the 80s and 90s, but I also like an occasional modern one.

favorite tv shows: I don't watch a lot of TV really, but I occasionally binge-watch some old shows if I find them interesting. I also occasionally enjoy anime, but I wouldn't call myself an anime fan.

favorite music: at my home, the family usually tunes the radio to a 1970s/80s/90s oldies station. I enjoy some of that era's songs and tolerate others. I also have a big digital collection of music from video games, and recently I've been getting into synthwave music.

favorite games: when it comes to traditional games, I enjoy riichi mahjong and have some familiarity with chess and shogi (I know the rules, but I'm pretty bad at actually playing the games). I want to get into tabletop RPGs, but I don't know how. I occasionally like playing board games with people online, typically more simple ones. As for video games, I have a long list, but in general I like a good platformer, some puzzle and fighting games and classic Sega arcades.


  • email (phonetic alphabet): delta echo victor, period, uniform romeo alfa november delta oscar mike, at sign, papa oscar sierra tango echo oscar, period, oscar romeo golf

  • Delta Chat: same as the email address

  • Jabber/XMPP: rnd@404.city

  • Matrix: @rnd:cybre.space
  • Discord: devurandom#0552

  • Mastodon: @rnd@toot.cat

  • GitHub
  • Gitlab
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