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This is a collection of different programs I wrote over the years under different names.

  • putin: a small command-line tool for corrupting ROM files for old video games.

  • snescityeditor: an editor that modifies SRAM data for the SNES version of Sim City (as well as the NES prototype!) to let you build on whichever maps you want. (Has a graphical interface and Windows builds, see the releases section.)

  • snowbot: a tiny IRC bot that I still run on some servers. Doesn't support SSL, though, so a tool like stunnel is required.

  • szsol: an ncurses-based reimplementation of solitaire games from Zachtronics' "SHENZHEN I/O", "Exapunks" and "Eliza".

  • AMDGPU demo fork: a modified version of AMD's color demo that lets you more precisely change how colors are converted. I use it in order to make colors look good on my rather cheap TV.

  • Neocities uploader script: a bash script that checks which files of a Neocities website needs changing, and uploads these using the website's API.

  • P8SCII encoder: a tool to convert arbitrary data into text strings readable by PICO-8. Useful for working with PCM samples. (Windows builds available in the releases section.)

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