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toki pona page 12 - the final countdown

The vocabulary for this page:

word meaning
akesi “non-cute” animal, lizard
alasa to hunt, to gather, to seek, to try (doing something)
kon air, essence, spirit, ephemeral
pan bread, grain, corn, rice, pizza
pilin heart, feeling, touch, sense
pu the official toki pona book, interacting with it
supa horizontal surface
taso but, however, only
uta mouth, lips
weka absent, away, remote, get rid of

These are the final 10 official words in toki pona. They all function in the same way as other words mentioned before, with one exception.


The word “alasa” is sometimes used as a pre-verb meaning “to seek” or “to try”:

mi alasa sona e toki pona. – I’m trying to learn toki pona.


The word “taso” can be used as a regular adjective to mean “only” or “just”:

mi lon tomo ni. – I’m in this house.

mi taso li lon tomo ni. – Only I’m in this house.

kulupu ona li jo e jan tu taso. – Their community only has two people.

mi pali taso. – I was only working.

But, when added at the beginning of a sentence, it means “but” or “however”:

taso, tenpo kama li wile ala ante. – But, the future refused to change.

Dialectal differences

This part of the document describes how certain toki pona courses differ in explaining certain ideas, or how communities differ in using them.

In the official dictionary, “pu” is only defined as “interacting with the official Toki Pona book”. Usage of this word as “the official Toki Pona book” itself, while common among some users, is unofficial. Sonja Lang personally uses the noun phrase “lipu pu” to refer to the official book itself. (Though the phrase “pu la” is also used in the book to mean “in this book”).


Now, try to figure out the meaning of these sentences.

And try to translate the following sentences into toki pona.


That’s it!

And that’s the end of the toki pona course! We’ve covered all 120 official words and all the rules of the language. If you want to find out more or to try using toki pona with others, feel free to check out the extra pages or the list of resources on the bottom of the top page.

~ jan Lentan (/dev/urandom)

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