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jan lawa pi linja ilo (translation hack)

what’s it about?

This is a translation of the public domain homebrew game “LAN Master” by Shiru that changes all of the text in game into sitelen pona.

what’s “lan master”

“LAN Master” is a puzzle game, in which your goal is to connect all of the computers with pipe-like cables. You can rotate any piece of cable, and whenever the cables form an unbroken connection between all the machines, the level is over. However, the game has a time limit, and on later stages, random connections may “break” and rotate themselves. The idea is similar to an old game called “NetWalk”, but unlike “NetWalk”, there is no central “server” that all computers must be connected to.

why translate an nes game?

The now-retired toki pona pages by jan Pije offered a bunch of toki pona translation ROM hacks for old games, and to sort of honor jan Pije’s contributions, I decided to try and make my own translation hack. Except in this case, the game is public-domain and open-source, which means there are no copyright issues with hosting the game.

ni li seme

tenpo sike 2011 la, jan Silu(Shiru) li pali e musi lili tawa ilo musi Enijesu (NES). nimi ona li "LAN Master". mi ante e musi ni tawa toki pona. sitelen ale lon ante mi li kepeken e sitelen pona. nimi pi ante mi li “jan lawa pi linja ilo”.

"lan master" li seme

musi ni la, sina wile pali e linja tawa ilo sona ale lon ma. ma li jo e ilo sona, e linja sona. sina ken ante e nasin pi linja sona. linja sina li ken nasin tan ilo tawa ilo ante ale la, pali sina li pini pona.

taso, sina wile pali e ni lon tenpo lili. tenpo ni li pini la, musi li pini ike.

musi ni li jo e ma 50. sina pini pali e linja lon ma wan la, sina kama jo e nanpa awen. sina ken pali e ma kama kepeken nanpa awen lon tenpo ale.

screenshots / sitelen

Title Screen / lipu lawa

Gameplay / lipu musi

downloads / o kama jo e musi ni