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“pilin pi kama pona” (“La Espero” in toki pona)

This is my rough translation of L.L. Zamenhof’s “La Espero”, commonly used as the anthem of the Esperantist movement, into toki pona. It should mostly match the rhythm and rhyme of the original Esperanto version.

pilin sin li kama lon ma mute,
kalama li tawa sama waso,
nasin ni la, jan li open kute,
ona li tawa lon sike laso.

wile ona la, jan pi ma sike
li wan kepeken utala ala.
sona li pini e wile ike,
li pali e pilin pona wawa!

jan li pilin: kama li ken pona,
kulupu ona li kama wawa,
o kama suli tan pali ona,
wile pona li wawa lon lawa!

sinpin suli la, kulupu poki,
jan li tu, li jo e wile ike.
taso, olin sewi pi jan toki
li weka e sinpin lon ma sike!

kulupu ni li pana e toki
wan pi wawa sama lon ma ale.
jan wan ale, o pakala e poki,
o sike lon kulupu tan pali!

kulupu, o awen pali wawa!
o pali e wile sewi sina:
wile pona pi jan ale, o kama!
o pali e kulupu jan sin a!

English translation:

a new feeling comes to many lands,
a sound moves like a bird (flies),
on its path, people start to listen,
it moves across the blue sphere.

in its desires, people of the globe
unite without fighting.
knowledge stops evil desires
and gives a strong positive feeling!

people feel: the future can be good,
their community becomes stronger,
grow because of their labor,
good desires are strong in minds!

from big walls, communities are restrained,
people are divided and hold evil desires.
but the sacred love of the speakers
removes the borders of the globe!

this community sends a language
(which is) united and has the same power in all countries.
united people, break the restraints,
and form a circle in the community (made) from work!

community, keep working hard!
send your sacred desire:
everyone's good desires, come (true)!
create a new human community!