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using IBus to type sitelen pona on Linux

what is IBus?

IBus is an input method framework that is commonly used on Linux- and BSD-based operating systems in order to allow input in languages with complex input methods, such as Chinese, Korean and Japanese.

A user by the name of cominixo#5443 (aka “jan Komi”) has submitted to the Discord community “ma pona pi toki pona” the following guide to using IBus to type sitelen pona (with codepoints as defined by the UCSUR document). With permission, it (and the data file required) are reproduced here.

If you’re on Linux, you can use IBus with tables, download the following file and run these commands (nanpa lili?):

sudo ibus-table-createdb -n /usr/share/ibus-table/tables/tokipona.db -s sitelen_pona_ibus.txt
ibus-daemon -drxR

Open “IBus Preferences”, go to “Input Method”, click “Add” and then select “sitelen pona” (which will be the last option under “English”).

Use [,_,] for cartouches, pi_ to start long pi and ' to extend long pi (these can be changed if you edit sitelen_pona_ibus.txt and re-run the commands)