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my pixel art

Here be pixel-art dragons.

Blaseball team logos

16x16 icons, and text-based logos, for all the current and past teams in Blaseball as of July 30th, 2021, as well as for the 20 teams generated by GPT-2.

They all use the PICO-8 palette.

Blaseball team logos and names

NERTS! for PICO-8 (mockup)

Here is how I imagined a version of “NERTS! Online” might look like if it were on PICO-8. There was only place for four players. (uses the “secret” colors of the PICO-8 palette)


SRB2Kart controls (DC version)

In Sonic Robo Blast 2 Kart, the manual shows the game’s controls with an Xbox 360-shaped controller labeled “Sega Saturn”. I decided to draw a version which instead uses the Dreamcast controller, since it would be much more accurate to the actual layout (the game doesn’t use the right control stick of most modern controllers).

SRB2 Kart DC

Sonic Retro logo (PICO-8 version)

Sonic Retro logo

Football players

From an abandoned project called “Super Football 2020” (it was meant to be a futuristic sports game where players of American and association football played together).

Picture of an American football player and an association football player,
both turned into wireframe-like charts in the right half

Picture of an American football player, an association football player and a
robot, as well as smaller versions

Russian numberplate template

This is a picture of two example numberplates, as well as a complete font, for both the wide (“European”) and narrow (“American”) style of numberplates issued by Russia since 2018.

older pixel art pieces

a squid girl from splatoon 2 (2017-08-31):

made a 32x32 avatar based on that little pic i put in that squiidverse posts a while ago. had to make it green, because my preferred palette doesn’t have any sort of good purple.

a pixel art image of a squid girl from splatoon with green

upd: i just realized that, because the character in the game i used as a reference was wearing headphones, i completely forgot about the ears. as a result, here’s a new version.

a version of the same image, but fixed so the squid girl has visible ears

Windows 95-style icons for Mastodon in general and in particular (2017-09-16):

inspired by the win95-like theme on, here’s a bunch of masto/ icons made in windows 95’s style.

a set of icons for mastodon drawn in the style of windows

an updated version (~2020):

a similar set of icons, with a few extra additions

a mockup of a tetris clone for the arduboy (2017-11-01):

apparently, the developers of arduboy have their own officially licensed device running a version of tetris, and that’s nice, but, sadly, it seems to look terrible.

here’s what i was able to come up with in an image editor. i wonder if i’ll be able to make an actual game that looks like this when i get the arduboy itself.

a screenshot of a standard falling blocks game, designed for a 128x64
monochrome device.

a screenshot of a 2-player mode of a standard falling-blocks game for a 128x64
monochrome device.

a 1990s style banner for a modern version of firefox (2017-12-03):

a 1990s/early 2000s 88x31 16-color banner, saying "best viewed in firefox", but using (downgraded versions of) the modern firefox logo and typography.

16×16 multi-color puzzle game blocks, using the SimpleJPC-16 palette (2019-04-04):

#pixelart (#simplejpc16 palette): a series of puzzle-game-style blocks with different geometric symbols on them, in an experiment on how different color hues can be approximated.

A mahjong tile set (both with hints and without) (2019-10-19):

with apologies to everybody whose language involves han characters.

A mockup of a shogi game for the Game Boy (2019-10-29):

once again, apologies to all the people who use han characters for writing. #pixelart (8x8 kanji for hand pieces are taken from, because i’m not crazy enough to try and replicate them myself)

A mockup of a phone keyboard layout for PICO-8:

A set of 16x16 icons for different file types, using the ENOS16 palette:

Download icons as archive

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