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my pixel art

Here be pixel-art dragons.

Blaseball team logos

16x16 icons, and text-based logos, for all the current and past teams in Blaseball as of July 30th, 2021, as well as for the 20 teams generated by GPT-2.

They all use the PICO-8 palette.

Blaseball team logos and names

NERTS! for PICO-8 (mockup)

Here is how I imagined a version of “NERTS! Online” might look like if it were on PICO-8. There was only place for four players. (uses the “secret” colors of the PICO-8 palette)


SRB2Kart controls (DC version)

In Sonic Robo Blast 2 Kart, the manual shows the game’s controls with an Xbox 360-shaped controller labeled “Sega Saturn”. I decided to draw a version which instead uses the Dreamcast controller, since it would be much more accurate to the actual layout (the game doesn’t use the right control stick of most modern controllers).

SRB2 Kart DC

Sonic Retro logo (PICO-8 version)

Sonic Retro logo

Football players

From an abandoned project called “Super Football 2020” (it was meant to be a futuristic sports game where players of American and association football played together).

Picture of an American football player and an association football player,
both turned into wireframe-like charts in the right half

Picture of an American football player, an association football player and a
robot, as well as smaller versions

Russian numberplate template

This is a picture of two example numberplates, as well as a complete font, for both the wide (“European”) and narrow (“American”) style of numberplates issued by Russia since 2018.

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