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pixel art fonts

This is the page where I’ll be hosting all the pixel art fonts which I drew.

These may be in the following formats:


Everyone is free to use these bitmap fonts for any purpose.



Letter set: ASCII only

Format: Bitmap Font Writer (GIF image)

This one started as an attempt to imitate certain lowercase letter shapes used in the font “Benjamin”, but is very different from it otherwise. For one, its uppercase letters are not as large and look quite differently.

Benny font

Marveldon, Marvelscript

Letter set: ASCII, French diacritics, German sharp S (ß)

Format: raw image

This is a series of variable width fonts I drew up for LuigiBlood’s translation of the Super Famicom video game “Marvelous: Another Treasure Island”. The font uses the SNES high-resolution mode, and therefore all of its pixels should be twice as narrow.

The initial font was called “Marveldon” and was inspired by Clarendon – since the game’s design made me think of classic American stories written or set around the Wild West period, I decided to go with a Wild West-style font. It was considered to be too wide, however, and I made several adjustments to its width until eventually redrawing it in an italicized manner, calling the new one “Marvelscript”.

The width of each letter is determined by how wide the actual character (including the outline, which in this case is blue) is.

Marveldon font, version 1

Marveldon font, version 2

Marveldon font, version 3

Marvelscript font

Year 2000

Letter set: ASCII, Russian Cyrillic (excluding Ё)

Format: raw image

This is a rather simple monospaced font of the retro-futuristic “computer” style.

Year 2000 font


Letter set: Latin, Greek, Russian Cyrillic, Katakana

Format: raw image

This is an attempt to imitate the design of the SEGA logo and extend it to other characters and scripts.

Service font

Petal Crash Cyrillic

Letter Set: Russian/Belarusian/Ukrainian Cyrillic

Format: raw image

This is just a Cyrillic version of the monospaced 8x8 font used in the game “Petal Crash”. The idea is that anyone who wants to translate the game into Russian, Ukrainian or Belarusian is free to use this font.

Petal Crash Cyrillic font

Bahamut Lagoon fan-translation italic font

Letter set: Latin, numbers, some punctuation and lowercase diacritics (äöü).

Format: raw images

I contributed an italics character set to Near’s Bahamut Lagoon (SFC) fan translation. First picture was my initial suggestion, and the second is taken from the final design, as modified by Near.

The fan translation’s source code is released under the terms of the ISC license.

Initial version: Bahamut Lagoon italics, initial version

Final version: Bahamut Lagoon italics, final version


Letter set: Latin, German diacritics, Russian

Format: raw image

A simple attempt at making a fraktur font work in pixel art.

Fraktur font